July 8, 2004

 hot news

good god, it's hot.

i remember just a few days ago i was complaining about the rain. but now i've decided that the rain was great. bring back the rain! anything's better than this heat. the heat sucks.

in fact i have some news for the heat: I WILL DEFEAT YOU! see, heat, i just landed a freelance web design job. and this job will pay me almost exactly what i need to get the A/C fixed in my car.


ok, i know, i know... i said i'd never do freelance again, but i'm just really tired of sweating so much. the past howmany summers have been pure misery... to be honest, i can't even remember what it's like to drive my car around town and not have to change my clothes when i get to my destination.

so when i get back from colorado i'll start working on the site and will schedule the A/C repair. hopefully lisa & sarah will be willing to answer whatever coding questions come up... my kung fu is not nearly as impressive as theirs. (probably because they have A/C in their cars and can therefore think more clearly.)

oh, and i've got more good news. i saw my GYN this morning and she did not try to talk me into having babies. i was fully prepared to retaliate, too, should she have gone down that path again. maybe she sensed my preparedness and kept her mouth shut. more likely she was just interested in moving on to her next patient.

more hot news: i have 2 new pairs of sandals! i'll have to post photos tomorrow, 'cause i'm too sweaty to keep my finger from slipping off the camera button today.

oh, and one last thing... tonight on divaville i'll be giving away a pair of tickets to see the future primitives at the nc museum of art. good news for you.

Posted by xta at July 8, 2004 2:52 PM | TrackBack

I agree - I went for a short walk outside and just about died. And please post photos of shoes - I'm wearing the same sandals daily and am about to die of shoe boredom.

Posted by: pinky at July 8, 2004 2:56 PM

Yeah....what is it with gynies and the baby pushing? Maybe it's a form of job security or something. Last time I went she was all like, "See you next year, unless you decide to have babies" and "Give me a call if you want to talk about having babies." Babies, babies babies...

Posted by: lainey at July 8, 2004 6:44 PM

Heh try doing my job . I work in a leather jacket and sweat bullets welding iron together, I allmost pass out then I take a break drink a gallon of water and do it allover again. But I am not complaining i am employed I thank the universe for that. by the way you do an excellent job on-air. Now and again I miss the voice of
gloria Rosnick she used to wake me up she was powerfull

Posted by: Village Blacksmith at July 21, 2004 9:57 PM
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