July 06, 2004

 best ADF performance yet

if you've got some time wednesday night, i urge you to go see "shen wei dance arts" performing in reynolds theater at duke. [tickets]

"...a dreamlike otherworld of intense movement that falls somewhere between modern dance, performance art, painting, and sculpture."

the hour-long work focuses on connections between dancers... connections between music and dance... connections between dance and other art forms (specifically painting). connections and transference.

it sounds heady --and i suppose in some sense it is (music by ligeti and xenakis)-- but i left the theater with a distinct sense of satisfaction, having seen something thoroughly complete and fulfilling.

you'll see some beautiful, spiraling, flowing movement alongside jittery, jerky jumping. but you'll also see art created -multidimensionally- before your eyes.

go go go.

[Herald Sun review]

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