February 11, 2004


it's been one of those days where things keep making me smile.

first it was finding a good parking place at UNC hospital. then it was watching a small boy's delight at being in a glass-walled elevator. and the nice lady sitting next to me on the tram made me smile with her talk of the approaching snow, even though i myself am not excited by it.

i got pissy, though, when my GYN once again voiced her desire to see me 'get married and get rid of the IUD'. that's the second time she's said something like that, and i think i might just write her a letter. not everyone has her agenda... some people can, in fact, be perfectly happy without getting married and having children.

but then i got happy again when i popped into marshalls on my way home and stumbled across 2 totally swank chairs. also a nice, big mirror for over the fireplace. score!

i also got a chuckle out of the fellow who helped me buy a cut of artist's canvas at hungates in the mall. one of the cashiers called for his help over the intercom: "bob... customer service at the front!" and bob literally hollered back, "i'm doing customer service in the back!" then he looked at me and we both smiled.

i have gotten so much done today. a lot of shopping, but a lot of putting-together, too. i now have 3 new chairs (in addition to the 2 from marshalls, i also finally broke down and bought the Most Comfortable Chair On Earth from morgan imports), i have stretched a big (60"x28") canvas for my dining room art project, i've hung shelves in my bedroom, and i just feel like i'm on a roll. every day this house gets better, and i get happier.

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