July 9, 2004

 i am shod

ok, these are the shoes. ray went so far as to say the black ones were 'almost stunning'. he didn't say anything about the blue ones. maybe he was simply stunned into silence by the black ones. not sure.

i know i've said this before... but i do so love the wide shoe warehouse. it's a store just for me! (well, for me and for transvestites... one of their recent ads in the indy made it clear that they also target that clientele.)

this trip to the WSW was especially gratifying for me, as i brought along my narrow-footed friend, mary. normally mary (and Lisa the Normal-Footed) and i go shoe-shopping at DSW or SRI, where wide shoes are in the minority and i rarely have any success. well, at the wide shoe warehouse the tables were turned... i was finding all kinds of great things and mary found nothing. hahahaha!

sorry, that's mean. really, i felt kinda bad for mary. but not that bad, 'cause we went to DSW afterward where she found cute black strappy sandals and i found nothing. (well, i found a pair of 4-inch blue & green stilettos that made mary's eyeballs pop out of their sockets, but i didn't end up buying those.)


i talked to rob last night, and though he's admitted that he & lulu are more than exhausted by their constant stream of houseguests since roxi entered the world, he still affirms that he is looking forward to my visit. i'm going to believe him.

it sounds like they're both so sleep-deprived... i'm prepared to do nothing next week except their laundry and their meal preparation. (though, the more i think about it, i don't know that they're really all that busy with the baby if they can find the time to create things like this.)

Posted by xta at July 9, 2004 2:18 PM | TrackBack

Nice! I like the blue ones, though they are admittedly more casual than the (almost?) stunning black ones. This photo reminds me that I have not painted my toenails since last summer when I was at the beach. Another entry for this weekend's to-do list!

Posted by: minty at July 9, 2004 2:33 PM

dude! i love the black ones! they're spectacular! i like the blue ones too, but the black ones, well, they just rock the show. that's all.

Posted by: joy at July 9, 2004 2:42 PM

I covet those black shoes for my own! They look fairly comfortable, too.

Posted by: pinky at July 9, 2004 3:06 PM

the black ones, pinky, are hush puppies, believe it or not. they're stupidly comfortable. in fact, of my last, oh, 4 shoe purchases i believe that 2 or 3 have been hush puppies. go figure.

and minty... pedicures are the new crack. i have to have one every month. it's on my weekend to-do list, too.

Posted by: christa at July 9, 2004 3:15 PM

I'm glad you chose to believe me! We're both uber-excited about your visit!!!

and, for the record, neither Lulu nor I created that monstrosity of a picture of Roxi. Actually, I'm a bit surprised that you would think either of us would create something like that, even if we did have the time ;-)

in case you're curious, Lulu has a very interesting and slightly bizarre, you might even say "affected" cousin, who evidently has *too much* time on his hands...

Posted by: Robdob at July 9, 2004 8:37 PM
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