July 26, 2006

 i made this!

i have made an article of clothing! with my own two hands!


many thanks go to courtney (who helped me figure out how to read a pattern) and sarah (who helped me decipher some of the diagrams) -- i couldn't have accomplished this without their help.

but even with the assistance I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF! i can't believe my very first attempt at skirt-making came out so well. i figured it would be unwearable (and that's why i only spent $1.77 on the fabric) with crooked hems and rotten seams. but it's NOT! it's *cute*!

there is one major problem with the waistband, but no one will ever know if i stick to wearing my shirts untucked. so really... who cares?

i went by the fabric store this morning and picked out some new material for another two skirts. (less than $4 each.) i'm excited!

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July 24, 2006

 neighborhood watchrich

this weekend something new landed in the traffic circle:


there is much debate on the neighborhood listserv about just what, exactly, it is.


i think it's a robot ostrich. something like a robocop, keeping an eye on people who speed around the traffic circle.

go get 'em, robostrich!

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July 18, 2006

 swimming with myself

last year i hated being in the pool by myself. i got lonely. i was bored.

this year, it's my favorite thing. at 10 or 11pm i light the ring of tiki torches around the pool's perimeter and swim by myself. floating. jumping. gliding. flipping. in the dark. no one else around. no talking. just me and the water.

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July 12, 2006

 your juror number is: 99

RE: jury duty.

i called tonight, as instructed, to see whether i'd be needed tomorrow:


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July 02, 2006

 here's the deal

i'm alive, i'm well.
i'm working, i'm enjoying my new shift.

i'm spending less time online, and more time in the pool.
i'm checking books out of the library, and i'm watching 'arrested development'.
i'm enjoying a lot of dance performances.

i'm looking forward to a visit from my brother's family.
i'm thinking about plants. contemplating gardening possibilities.
i'm trying to figure out how to sew a skirt.

this space right here... this display... blogging... is not capitivating me right now.

there's a good chance i'll be back.


when things feel more settled.


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