July 30, 2005

 thanks, alicia...

i had managed to put loco-pops out of my head until someone in the comments of the vasectomy post suggested i treat ray to popsicles as he recovers.

thanks a lot. i was doing so well...

...but what was i to do? ray had heard that there was a chocolate orange flavor (one of his favorite combinations) so i had to go get one for him. or maybe two for him. no, three. and three for me. no, two for me and four for him.

it was a long decision-making process.

anyway, they had several new flavors which i will now review for you:

1) white chocolate peanut butter

holy mother of god, this is the best fucking popsicle on earth! it tastes like cold fudge. stupefyingly rich. i had to force myself stop myself after 3 bites and let ray finish it... i could feel myself gaining weight just being near it. o so decadent. i shall dream of this loco pop every night until i die.

2) pineapple basil

this so SO much better than the pineapple mint! it's not sugar-free, though, as the pineapple mint was, which is sad. but summer (the popsicle maker) told me that because her pineapple is so naturally sweet, the pineapple-flavored popsicles actually have very little added sugar. so i don't feel too bad for having devoured a large one.

man, that was good. i can still taste the basil on the back of my tongue... it's the perfect complement to the fruit. whoda thunk? not me. summer is a genius.

(oh, by the way, summer also said that the very berry is relatively low in sugar, too. she also said she was going to try to make a sugar-free hibiscus for me! woo!!)

3) ginger cream

whoa. this tastes like an ultra-creamy cream soda. or something. if i didn't know what this flavor was, i don't think i would guess that it was ginger. but it's really, really good.

Posted by xta at July 30, 2005 10:39 AM | TrackBack

Ginger cream sounds SO good, and me here with my wisdom teeth recently departed... you're killing me. I gotta find me some of those popsicles out this way, and soon.

Posted by: Penny at July 30, 2005 11:15 AM

I second your opinion on the white chocolate/PB popsicle. It was all I could do not to wrestle it out of my innocent son's hands. I haven't given up Locopops even though I'm trying to lose weight - I figure they can only be about 3 tbsps of stuff and that stuff a lot of the time is fruit. Or maybe I'm just kidding myself...

Posted by: Marianne at July 30, 2005 06:39 PM

*sheepish grin*

my mom said the strawberry/orange sugarfree one was good, if anyone doing various diets is curious. [i managed to get 7 from durham to carrboro for my family--ginger pear and the chocolate ones were huge hits, but very berry, whcih was ALL SEEDS, was a major bust.]

i must try pineapple basil! i hope they still have it in a week and a half . . .

Posted by: alicia at July 30, 2005 11:23 PM

i was just talking about the "very berry" today... a friend told me that everyone in her office thought it tasted like cough syrup. she said, "i guess i can see what they mean. but i LIKE cough syrup." me, i think it's one of the more delicious watery flavors.

Posted by: christa at July 31, 2005 12:56 AM

when i was there (sat. night) there was no sign of the white choco/PB flavor. alas, i had to *settle* for the mexican chocolate. and i wanted a small and all they had was large? sometimes i don't know how i manage to continue... forced, i tell you, forced to eat a large delicious loco pop.

Posted by: georg at July 31, 2005 09:31 AM

Can we not get these people to please put a franchise in the Tampa Bay Area? Just reading this all the time is killing me.

Posted by: Gidge at July 31, 2005 01:09 PM

Gidge shocks me into realizing that sometimes Durham gets stuff *before* other people. Is there a Trader Joe's in Tampa?

Hot news (to me): Earth Fare is opening its second Triangle store at Brier Creek (north/northwest of the airport) next month. Woo hoo! (Especially if I really move near there like it's looking like).

Posted by: Phil at July 31, 2005 11:15 PM
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