March 13, 2007

 rest in peace

two things important to me have died in the last 24 hours. my laptop and betty hutton.

i don't know whether the laptop can be resurrected yet. until then i'm largely incommunicado during non-work-hours, except by old-fashioned telephone. i certainly don't have time to wade through comment spam during work hours, either, so comments are unfortunately closed.

which is tragic, because i would like to provide a place here for people to leave their condolences about the second death: betty hutton.

any of you who have listened to divaville know of my love for betty hutton. she was a spitfire, a balled-up tornado of an actress. one whose goofiness and energy will never be matched. she had everything you'd ever want in a leading lady: a voice, a look, a sense of humor. she passed away on monday and i cannot express how sad i am that she is gone. my outlet will be this week's show... i'm going to devote all two hours of divaville (3-5pm sunday) to betty's music. i would take over the whole day's programming if i could.

here a link to an obit at the new york times and one at the washinton post.

turner classic movies is changing their schedule on thursday in her honor. do please try to catch at least one of her films. if you can't do that, rent "annie get your gun" on DVD. it will change your life. i am not overexaggerating.

finally, here's betty's wikipedia entry.

rest in peace, betty.

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