February 15, 2007

 or don't.


the spam still manages to get through. comments are off... FOREVER. or at least until i have another burst of energy to direct towards figuring it out.

am busy. TOO busy. stressed-out-like-nothing-in-recent-memory busy. work is nuts. going on a business trip to portland on saturday. my birthday is coming up and people want to know what are you doing?. i don't know! i'm too busy to figure it out!

the neurologist's office has fucked up the results of my blood test AGAIN. i have now been waiting ONE WHOLE MONTH for the results of a test that is supposed to determine whether i get immediately referred to a stroke speciliast. the immediacy now seems laughable. the doctor has apologized, and sounds frustrated himself. he has also promised a referral to the stroke specialist anyway, so that SHE can run the mysteriously difficult test for herself. plus some other diagnostic tests, too, i understand.

but my neurologist WILL NOT CALL ME BACK. i've phoned, emailed and *faxed* him, asking about how to get this referral appointment made. i'm leaving town saturday; it would be nice to have this scheduled before i go.


i had a nightmare last night about having another TIA. in my dream, the TIA came while i was on the air at work. it was not a nice dream. fucking frightening, in fact. i stuttered into the mic, and had that horrible feeling of knowing something is wrong in my brain, but not being able to communicate that fact to anyone. in the dream i had the presence of mind to shut the mic off before collapsing to the floor.

the gym is my biggest stress-reliever right now. i cannot believe how much i love going to the gym. to say i'm surprised by my addiction is an understatement. (i've got a number of free 14-day passes, if you're a woman and you're interested in checking it out for yourself.) i've lost 4 pounds since joining at the end of january.

also, my boyfriend is a good stress-reliever. he's a sweet, sweet boy and i love him very much. we cooked a nice valentine dinner together last night --making up a recipe as we went-- and it turned out really well. plus, the chocolate bon-bons for dessert were awesome.

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