January 24, 2007

 blood, sweat & squirrels

so, here's a quick update:

my doctor called a couple days ago to tell me the lab re-ran the WRONG TEST, and that i needed to come in for another blood draw. i did that this morning and encountered the Horrid Phlebotemist again. i'm really going to have to make a point to complain to the right person this time. he just creeps me out.

i joined a gym. i had my first workout today. i feel GREAT! (might i add, though, that whoever invented the elliptical machine is most certainly going to burn in hell.) this is s a very small, independent gym for women and so far the vibe feels really right. i've never been big on group exercise, but perhaps this place will change me.

we might have a squirrel in our attic. this happened a couple of years ago, so i knew to immediately call critter control and make an appointment. after hanging up the phone, though, it occurred to me that i'd just spent a shitload of money on a gym membership and i really didn't have any left over for critters. so i decided to take matters into my own hands.

i circled the house, looking for entry points. i didn't find any, but i didn't get up on a ladder for a close look or anything. i went to lowes and bought mouse poison (in case i was wrong about the type of critter) and a humane squirrel trap. ray and i got up in the attic last night and spread the mouse poison around, and baited the squirrel trap with nuts.

i didn't hear any more scurrying last night, so i half expected to see something in the trap this morning. what i saw in the trap this morning was a lack of nuts, but no squirrel. no disturbance of the mouse poison, either.

i reloaded the trap with peanut butter. we'll try again.

comments are still off (sorry!) because the very second i turn them back on i get inundated with hundreds of spam messages. maybe one day i'll figure out a way around that, but not right now.

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