November 10, 2005

 the fall of the world's own optimist

i've been spending a lot of time at the courthouse these past few days. (here's link to a live webcast of the petrick trial if you're interested. it's only on when court is in session --and they're off friday for veteran's day-- and during breaks the feed is severed.) i sit amongst janine's friends and her sons; they all have no doubt that petrick is guilty. we've heard mundane testimony as well as statements that have made us gasp with surprise. it's an overwhelming experience, and it has been premanently imprinted on my brain. it's what i spend most of my waking hours thinking about.

however, lisa managed to get me to venture out to see jarhead. (mmm... buff jake gyllenhaal.) we had a glass of wine at the cheesecake factory afterwards. even though i jawed on and on about the trial, i did manage to let lisa talk for a while.

i'd never been to a cheesecake factory before. i had no idea their menu was so HUGE! i figured it was primarily a dessert restaurant, but no. we didn't eat anything, though if i were going to lose my willpower anywhere it would have been there. a waiter accidentally brought me a to-go package of pumpkin cheesecake and i about peed my pants. pumpkin cheesecake is my favorite. but i told him it wasn't my order and off he went with it.

which brings me to a diet update, for those who are interested: tomorrow marks the 4-month mark. i've lost 48 pounds.

oh, hey... i just learned that martha stewart is branding homes just down the road in cary. WTF?!? (containment area for relocated felons...?)

also, i haven't mentioned this in a while: divaville, tonight from 6-8pm. tune in. have fun.

i know you've been dying to get an update on my toilet. i got it fixed. i finally gave up and called a plumber. i don't have a favorite plumber... i have reliable stand-bys when it comes to electricians and such, but i haven't ever found a plumber that i felt i could count on. so i tried another new one this time. i liked him, but he made me wait more than 24 hours for service. so though my toilet once again flushes with gusto, the search for the perfect plumber continues.

finally, i am in love with this photo from the most recent issue of the sun magazine.

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48lbs is AMAZING! Wow!

Posted by: John Boy at November 10, 2005 03:04 PM

48 pounds--OH MY GOD. That is so awesome, Christa!!

Posted by: minty at November 10, 2005 04:38 PM
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