November 06, 2005

 walking backwards looking forward to getting done

my toilet is acting up. it flushes, but not with its usual gusto. we've plunged until our arms are limp, but it doesn't seem to be getting any better. i fear i'm going to have to call in a plumber. ray thinks i should just buy a plumber's snake and try to fix it myself, but the last time i did that for a sink clog i achieved absolutely no results (and then sneakily returned the snake for a refund). i hate paying for stuff like this.

but i rather enjoy paying for loco-pops. it's been so long since i've bought a popsicle... i feel ashamed and neglectful. they've got a couple of new flavors, the most memorable of which is "apple spice". she's using that asian five-spice blend (which she used with great aplomb in the "asian plum" several months back) with the pureed apple. it's a nice fall flavor. by the way, they've reduced their hours for the season -- they're still open 12-8, but now only wednesday through sunday.

speaking of fall, i did some yard work saturday morning. i've been meaning to get a couple of the flower beds in shape, but i hate yard work so much that i've really been dragging my feet. on saturday morning, i didn't even touch the beds. i just focused on trimming back some of the overgrown shrubs at the back of the yard near the beds.

and you know why i stopped short? because of one single plant that makes me loathe yard work --detest it-- more than mere words can express. this evil thing is a weedy vine, and as far as i can tell the only reason it exists is to grow thorns. it's one long, continuous meandering stalk of thorns. and it tore my arm all to hell.

with roses, you know, we put up with the thorns because we get a pretty flower in return. but this fucker of a vine just grows thorns and that's all it does. just to piss me off. there's no other reason for it to exist. grr.

so after a mere hour of yard work i was tired and grumpy and decided, upon pinky's suggestion, to go find some no pudge brownie mix. pinky, i am forever indebted to you for that... them's some rockin' brownies.

and then, even though i told myself i wouldn't buy any more clothes until i drop another size, the yard work got me so down that i felt i deserved some retail therapy. i bought a new lightweight jacket (the snazzy denim one i bought last year is ridiculously big now) and some workout clothes from the fashion bug (i do so hate the name of that store); two tops from look out, then mary suckered me into more shopping with the lure of a coupon from new york and co., where i bought a pair of pants.

i now own 5 pairs of pants in my new size. i don't want to buy any more until i'm a size 10. what are the chances i can hold out that long? i'm taking bets.

i've started knitting again. my current project marks several firsts for me. i'm knitting with two yarns simultaneously, and i'm using an entirely new stitch. this was going to be a fancy little poncho for roxi, but i think it is probably too delicate for her at this age. i'm not sure what it's going to be now. maybe the beginnings of a new pair of pants. ;-)

Posted by xta at November 6, 2005 10:01 PM | TrackBack

I have a snake you can borrow. It's a nasty job though.

My toilet has a similar problem, but it clears up spontaneously. It'll be fine for a few weeks or months, then goes several weeks where it doesn't flush well.

Posted by: Joseph H. Vilas at November 7, 2005 08:52 AM

I generally dtest any and all chemicals in my yard, but when it comes to plants that injure me, I use Roundup. i say dose the thorny thing and be done wioth it. If youre careful and only get it on the leaves of the thorny thing, you won't kill the rest of the plants (roundup works through the leaves, so if you get a bit on the ground it shouldn't kill anything.)

Posted by: Lisa B at November 7, 2005 09:19 AM

I tried the sweet corn -- it tasted like corn souffle, and chocolate ginger -- excellent, and melon tarragon -- not my favorite.

Posted by: elizabeth at November 7, 2005 02:21 PM


I cannot scroll down and look --
it HURTS me to look at that picture.

Posted by: blackbird at November 7, 2005 02:21 PM

blackbird, ray is doing fine. the puffiness has subsided and 99% of the pain is gone.

and lisa, there are no leaves on this thorny thing... just a stalk and thorns. ;-)

Posted by: christa at November 7, 2005 02:40 PM

thank you for answering my unasked question, which was - 'is the popsicle shop still open?'

and I have consumed more boxes of no pudge than I care to admit - two tablespoons at a time. I should get a referral fee for all the people I've turned on to the stuff.

Posted by: pinky at November 7, 2005 11:00 PM
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