November 02, 2005

 inexorable bookends

a friend of mine has been selected as a juror for the robert petrick murder trial.

i'm a little stunned by of the six two degrees of separation here, but apparently when the attorneys and defendant questioned him he didn't hide anything. he told them he was heavily involved in the area's classical music scene, and though he didn't know the victim personally he knows people who knew her. when asked about his reaction to the news of janine's 2003 disappearance, he told them "i was saddened that there was one less music-maker in the world."

it's going to take every ounce of will that i possess to keep myself from asking my friend about the trial as it progresses. but because of his involvement in the trial and it's projected length, i suspect that i won't actually be seeing him very much over the next few weeks... which is some consolation, given how hard it will be for me to bite my tongue.

all along i've been planning on going to the trial as much as i can, to pay my respects for janine... i didn't know her well, but i knew her nonetheless. i'm on a mailing list of her friends; these people are making schedules to ensure that someone attends every day in janine's honor, so that the jury senses how much she was loved.

it's going to be very strange to be one of those people, transmitting those feelings to a familiar face in the jury box.

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