October 14, 2005


one of the reasons i've been feeling so draggy lately is because i'm losing one of my best friends.

annie and i have been close for about 7 years. we've carpooled together, cried together, and have bitched and moaned about everything from politics to coffee. we've giggled over lists of celebrity boyfriends and have chowed down on many indian dinners. we've been through a lot together... more than i can detail here.

she's moving back home to wisconsin. today is her last day here at work.

i am very sad.

Posted by xta at October 14, 2005 1:49 PM | TrackBack

That so sucks!

Fly on over here and we'll go have some drinks...

Posted by: blackbird at October 14, 2005 1:57 PM

I'm sorry, that's really rotten. One of my college friends living near me here in Boston just announced he's moving to be closer to home. It's a bummer.

Posted by: lainey at October 14, 2005 4:07 PM

Oh Christa, I know how you feel, or at least sort of--I mean, I hadn't worked with my close work friends for THAT long, but still, it's so hard to say goodbye to a friend.


Posted by: minty at October 14, 2005 9:17 PM
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