February 14, 2004

 shmalentine's day 

well, i fulfilled my promise of getting 8 hours of sleep last night. i didn't wake up until almost 11am. when i saw the clock i grinned. and my worst zit is drying up. so there.

i decided to start the day by making the sheer curtains for the closet in the bathroom. then by 1pm i was working on the slipcover to the old, peach-colored chair i'd bought at habitat hand-me-ups well over a year ago. i've hated that peach since i saw it, but i knew eventually i'd have the energy to re-cover it. today was the day.

it's definitely not a professional job, but it's better than it was. it took me 6 hours to do, which totally bummed me out. it was exhausting. probably because i really had no idea what i was doing. (that, and i chose a corduroy fabric, and it was hard keeping the cords straight.)

when i was done with that, i made the coffee table in the den into an ottoman (by adding foam & fabric), and then it was time for dinner.

earlier in the day ray & i had settled on a new valentine's tradition. we decided we'd make dinner together --it had to be a dish we'd never cooked before-- and we also decided we'd split the cost of one red rose. so at 9pm we started cooking pork chops with apricot stuffing. we also had red new potatoes and sauteed asparagus. and a bottle of shiraz. (he also surprised me with a heart-shaped carvel ice-cream cake.) it was all very good!!

we're going to watch gene kelly in "brigadoon" here in a minute, but it's likely i'll fall asleep before it's over (even though 'almost like being in love' makes me swoon).

it's really amazing how exhausting this day has been (and how little i have to show for it... at least given my warped sense of productivity). maybe i'll try to knit during the movie; at least that will be one more thing accomplished. ;-)

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