July 03, 2004

 today didn't go as planned

there are a zillion parties going on this weekend. i knew i wouldn't have the endurance for all of them, but as it turns out i don't have any endurance at all: i bailed out completely on the two that were scheduled today. i feel kinda bad about missing them.

but instead i slept late (11:30), had a slow morning, and set about ticking things off a non-existent to-do list. fixing things that had been bugging me for months. like cleaning off my desk, organizing my divaville CDs, and trying to figure out a duplication in my DVD club membership. stupid crap like that that i've been pushing aside for a long time. those nagging things that can slowly drive you mad if you let them.

i also have become hopelessly addicted to "six feet under." i'm halfway through the first season on DVD and i'm hooked. i have to limit myself to one episode a sitting, though... i want to savor each one and not blow right through them, episode after episode. i did watch two today, but hours apart. i'm already thinking about when i can watch the next episode. maybe tomorrow afternoon, before a party that i really can't blow off.

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